Y.E.R.T. (Your Environmental Road Trip)

Thursday, April 17th

Seating begins at 6:15pm, Screenings begin at 6:30pm


elisa & james

James Dean Conklin & Elisa Zazzera are a husband and wife video production team (GreenheadMedia.org) involved in Sustainability projects and Environmental Activism in the Hudson River Villages as well as India and Nepal. Elisa participates in and manages the local CSA group, is a member of the Hastings Conservation Commission, is a Master Composter, and has made contributions to Hastings-on-Hudson’s recylcing codes. She also co-developed the ‘Sustainable Hastings’ group and is a member of the Hastings ‘Transitions’ team.

Elisa’s husband James Dean is co-founder of solar-powered rock band Solar Punch (http://www.solarpunch.org) and has travelled extensively as a musician and filmmaker documenting and sharing solutions to climate challenges around the world. James and his group recently completed the world’s first Solar Trek in the Nepali Himalayas! Watch for James’ on-going video series ‘Solutions’ (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y7h6r9ElP1o) where each episode examines sustainability ideas, renewable fuel initiatives and other aspects of environmental remediation.

Copy of Portrait

John Bell: A 22 year resident of Ossining, NY, John Bell grew up in Houston, TX with the petrochemical industry in the air.  Graduating from Rice University with a Ph.D. in chemistry, a yearlong post-doctoral at the University of Oxford in the UK showed him that there were alternatives to the car-centered, suburban lifestyle.  He worked for nearly two decades in the chemical industry with refinery, agricultural and laundry chemicals as a research chemist.  Getting a MBA before the turn of century, raised increasing uncomfortable questions about the relationship of economics to physical reality and the limits it imposes.  The events of the last decade have reinforced for him the reality that the future will definitely not be a continuation of the past, so he founded the Westchester County branch of Transition Movement (http://www.transitionwestchester.org) in 2010.

3 thoughts on “Y.E.R.T. (Your Environmental Road Trip)

  1. Where is the Yert screening? Have to c it. I was at meeting on 4th floor somewhere near Mercy college.
    I n the wife were from Tuxedo.
    Need your # and email. Thanks

  2. The Yert project is as exciting as the Woodstock festival back in 69 in that i realized how many people were on my wavelength.
    U must visit the dome project – eicosahousra – up here in tuxedo. Have been making “saving energy” a lifestyle for the last 26 years. thedome2002@yahoo.com and website thedome2002.webs.com
    Will b at screening but need date and location – directions would help but have gps as well

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