Take Action – Bag It

  1. Visit/support the film: www.bagitmovie.com/get_involved.html
  2. Lean more and get ideas about what you can do to change your consumption:http://www.citizenscampaign.org/campaigns/plastic-bags.asp
  3. Track the movement: http://www.chicobag.com/track-movement
  4.  Visit the Plastic Pollution Coalition and join the global alliance: http://www.plasticpollutioncoalition.org
  5. For information on plastic legislation: http://www.plasticbaglaws.org
  6. See research on the affects of plastic on marine life: www.algalita.org and www.surfrider.org
  7. Watch what is going on in NYC as well as Westchester County!
  8. Check out these books:
    1. Paper or Plastic: Searching for Solutions to an Overpackaged World (D. Imhoff)
    2. Garbage Land:On the Secret Trail of Trash (E. Royte)
    3. No Impact Man: The Adventure of a Guilty Liberal Who Attempts to Save the Planet, and the Discoveries He Makes (C. Beavan)
    4. Plastic-Free: How I Kicked the Plastic Hablit and How You Can Too (B. Terry)
  9. Offer a Suggestion www.facebook.com/ossiningdocumentaries

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