Take Action: Wisdom to Survive

Wisdom to Survive

July 21, 2016

Educate yourself about climate change and what it means for the future. Tae it slow and remember it can be emotionally challenging.

Listen to the Best of the Left podcast climate episodes.

Read anything by Bill McKibben and Derrick Jensen.

Strengthen local ties. Meet your neighbors. Share rides and tools. Have a potluck. Host a neighborhood movie night (consider documentaries). Join or start a book club or writers’ group.

Participate/get involved in local community-based groups that are trying to impact sustainability and environmental advocacy: like Green Ossining or Katonah Green or Croton Climate Initiative or Resist AIM Pipeline or…

Begin to change your food life. Meet farmers and gardeners. Go to farmers’ markets. Eat less meat. Buy local. Visit a Hudson Valley farm.

Take one step toward reducing your negative environmental impact by pledging to have a synthetic pesticide/chemical-free yard at The Great Healthy Yard Project