Take Action – GMO OMG

Here are some things you can do to help the fight against GMOs!


  1. Join a Seed Exchange group, like Seed Savers.
  2. Sign petitions letting your elected officials know how you feel. {just label it} {care2} {millions against monsanto}
  3. Stay in the Know: Go to GMO FREE NY. Their Mission is to inspire and empower New Yorkers to help us get Assembly Bill A3525 and Senate Bill S3835 – which mandate the labeling of GMO foods sold for retail in NYS – passed by 2014!
  4.  Join a local Community Supported Agriculture farm share. {Hilltop Hanover} {Roxbury Farm} {My Farm Share}
  5. Support our Farmers Markets! {Down to Earth} {Westchester Farmer’s Market} {Pleasantville}
  6. Compost your food scraps!
  7. Plant an organic garden!
  8. Use Companion planting to discourage pests
  9. Take Westchester County’s Ecovim™ Tour
  10. Join/start a community garden {InterGenerate}

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