Take Action – Dear Governor Cuomo

  1. Visit/support the film: www.dear-governor-cuomo.com
  2. Become a member of our local Hudson Riverkeeper with a  donation to support their multifaceted campaign to prevent harm from fracking in NY and keep you informed.
  3. Learn more/get involved in other anti-fracking activisim  at New Yorkers Against Fracking.
  4. See these movies from Josh Fox that give first-hand accounts of the perils of fracking: Gasland and Gasland II.
  5. Ban Frackingwith your Voice: call Gov. Cuomo. State your name. Tell him to Ban Fracking:1-866-584-6799.
  6. Contact Congress. Tell them shale gas is not the answer Nation’s energy future: www.house.gov/representatives and www.senate.gov
  7. Educate. Fracking made simple. Go to Making Public Policy’s site – a program of the Center for Urban Pedagogy –to purchase the fold-out poster of “What’s in the Water?” Just $8. Visit: www.makingpolicypublic.net

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