Ivory Tower

Ivory Tower: Is College Worth the Cost?

Thursday, November 19, 2015 at 6:30

Ossining Library, Budarz Theater

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As tuition rates spiral beyond reach and student loan debt passes $1 trillion (more than credit card debt), IVORY TOWER asks: Is college worth the cost? From the halls of Harvard, to public colleges in financial crisis, to Silicon Valley, filmmaker Andrew Rossi assembles an urgent portrait of a great American institution at the breaking point. Through interviews profiled at several universities IVORY TOWER reveals how colleges in the United States, long regarded as leaders in higher education, came to embrace a business model that often promotes expansion over quality learning.   Along the way we also find unique programs, from Stanford to the free desert school Deep Springs to the historically black all women’s college Spelman, where the potential for life-changing college experiences endure. A documentary that questions the cost — and value — of higher education in the United States.


Screen Shot 2015-10-31 at 5.52.04 PMLorraine Longing

Assistant Principal, Guidance Department, Ossining High School

Lorraine Longing has been the Assistant Principal in charge of the Guidance Department at Ossining High School since July 2003. She began her career in counseling at John Jay High School in Hopewell Junction and then moved on to counsel students at Xavier High School in NYC where she became the Director of Guidance. Since at OHS,  Longing has worked tirelessly at developing programs to meet the diverse needs of all students of the Ossining community including such things as;  initiating the administration of the PSAT for all students;   organizing college fairs and college campus tours;    creating parent nights  and FAFSA boot camps;   assisted in creating a Guidance Fund through Ossining Matters that helps students on Free/Reduced lunch obtain the funds to pay for college level courses taught at OHS, college application fees, preparation for the ACT/SAT, and register for standardized exams such as AP, ACT, and the SAT. Longing also spearheads Ossining High School’s Senior Awards Night, where members of the senior class are awarded upwards of $200,000 each year from scholarships given by various community organizations.

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Stephen Pampinella

Assistant Professor of Political Science and International Relations, SUNY New Paltz

Stephen Pampinella is Assistant Professor of Political Science and International Relations at SUNY New Paltz. He specializes in war, conflict, and international relations theory. Stephen’s prior professional experience includes communications work for campaign finance reform and student debt issues relating to New York State politics. He completed both his Bachelor’s and Doctorate degrees in Political Science at UAlbany, where he lived for 11 years. He is also a member of United University Professions.

TiffanyHeadshot copy Brown

Higher Education Campaign Organizer, New York Public Interest Research Group

Tiffany Brown is the Higher Education Campaign Organizer for the New York Public Interest Research Group.  She’s a graduate of Queens College City University Of New York and earned her degree in Political Science and Urban Studies; Law and Politics concentration. She’s a fierce advocate for higher education and strongly believes that education is a right.