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Twelve years in the making, MEGAMALL documents the origins of the massive Palisades Center mall and its impact on the suburban community of West Nyack, New York, 18 miles north of Manhattan.

The film kicks off when the biggest mall developer in the Northeast comes to the smallest county in New York to build its biggest mall yet on a toxic dump, one mile from the filmmakers’ homes. That move sparks a citizen uprising which lasts almost 20 years. It also inspires the filmmakers’ quest to understand the dramatic events unfolding right in their backyard.

MEGAMALL turns out to be a local saga of epic proportions. We see big money overwhelm local governments, zoning and planning boards to impose a massive development project on a community, extract millions, and move on — leaving the local community to bear the costs of road maintenance, increased crime, and shuttered stores downtown.

Featured throughout the film is provocative commentary from leading urban critics and writers, who give viewers the real story behind the mall-building business and challenge Americans to think about the consequences of our obsession with shopping. They include authors James Howard Kunstler (The Geography of Nowhere); Roberta Brandes Gratz (“Malling the Northeast” for The New York Times Magazine); and real estate economist Donavan Rypkema.

MEGAMALL is a gripping story of ordinary Americans who confront the forces that are changing the face of our nation. It is designed to give students and communities around the country the tools they need to understand the forces propelling growth. It encourages people to think of themselves as citizens–not consumers–and to take action in their own communities.

{from Bullfrog films}