Living for 32

living for 32


Directed by Kevin Breslin and produced by Maria Cuomo Cole, Living for 32 is the inspirational story of Colin Goddard,                                           a survivor of the tragic gun shooting massacre which occurred on the Virginia Tech campus, April 16th, 2007.

The winning combination of Colin’s passion, charisma and optimism has commanded the attention of the American public                                   and media since the devastating incident which left 32 dead and 17 injured.

In Living for 32, Colin shares an intimate account of terror he and his classmates endured and the courageous journey                                             of renewal and hope he chose to pursue.

Living for 32 – Trailer from Living for 32 on Vimeo.




moms demand action1491350_10152347300703784_1834831752_oAlexandra Dubroff

Alexandra Dubroff is the volunteer Chapter Leader for the NY Upstate Chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, an organization that advocates for common sense gun laws like background checks for every gun sale.  A stay at home mom to two young children, she became involved with the Gun Violence Prevention movement the day after the Newtown massacre.

Like so many others who are part of this growing movement, she works tirelessly to ensure   that her children and all children will have a safer place to call home that is free from gun violence.



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 Benjamin Rosenshine 

Mr. Rosenshine is Chief Executive Officer of both Blueline Tactical and Police Supply, LLC and Remington/Blueline Shooting Sports located in Elmsford, NY.  Blueline Tactical sells firearms, ammunition, knives, flashlights, clothing and assorted accessories to both law enforcement and shooting hobbyists.  Remington/Blueline Shooting Sports (opening August 2014) the premier learning center for the safe and responsible use of firearms whether for law enforcement, hobby or self-protection.

Prior to Blueline, Mr. Rosenshine invented, produced and sold ResQ-PAK, a pocket sized trauma kit designed to treat gunshot and stab wounds.

Mr. Rosenshine also spent 19 years as a senior mergers and acquisitions professional leading middle market and small cap merger and acquisition activities primarily within the consumer products industry.

Mr. Rosenshine holds a MBA in Finance and International Business from the Leonard N. Stern School of Business at New York University and a BA in International Relations and History from Tufts University.

Justin Wagner 

justin wagner

Justin Wagner is running for New York State Senate in the Hudson Valley’s 40th Senate District.

The 40th State Senate District, including parts of Putnam, Dutchess and Westchester counties, is just miles away from Newtown, CT.  The day of the mass shooting, where 26 children and school staff were murdered, Justin and parents throughout the Hudson Valley mourned and felt a true sense of helplessness at the plague of gun violence that has become all too common in our communities.

In the wake of that horrific tragedy, however, came a realization that we are not helpless.  Justin joined the Board of Directors of New Yorkers Against Gun Violence, an organization committed to reducing gun violence through legislative advocacy and education.  The organization sponsors programs in schools to educate youth about gun violence and teaches non-violent conflict resolution strategies to students.  Justin has helped organize rallies, helped to raise money and represented the organization at press events—all in an effort to prevent future gun violence.

 Justin believes in common sense gun safety measures, such as strengthening background checks for gun purchases and banning assault weapons and high-capacity magazines that too often are used to perpetuate mass violence.  That’s why Justin applauds Governor Cuomo and the legislature for passing the NY SAFE Act.  While Republicans and Democrats in the State Seante were coming together to support the SAFE Act in a bipartisan manner, the current State Senator from the 40th District voted “no” to strengthening background checks for gun purchases and banning assault weapons—and even worse, he proceeded to go on a publicity tour with extremists like Sean Hannity to tout his opposition to common sense gun safety legislation.

At the same time, Justin believes in, and respects, the protections of the Second Amendment.  The rights of hunters, sportsmen and other gun owners must be respected.


2 thoughts on “Living for 32

  1. WRT to Pingback – wasn’t an anti-gun documentary, but rather an accounting of one person’s experience of being a victim of the Virginia Tech Shootings. It was definitely a film raising serious questions about the “right” to own guns, and the ease of getting a gun in ones hands whether “rightfully” or not, but it wasn’t “anti-gun” nor was the panel, or audience. ODDS strives to foster a safe place and forum for people with varied views and persuasions to come together and explore issues that impact us, particularly with an opportunity for each of us to weigh in on & influence. ~ Andrea Kimmich-Keyser

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