Garbage Warrior

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A home with no utility bills? 

Michael Reynolds has been making this a reality for the past 30 years by transforming “garbage” into net zero homes

A documentary telling the epic story of maverick US architect Michael Reynolds.

Hippie architect Michael Reynolds has spent the past 35 years creating eco-friendly homes known as ‘Earthships’.

Using beer cans and tyres to hold the structures together, he came up with a way of life that requires none of the traditional household fuels.

Running foul of American planning mandates, he found his buildings threatened, but in the wake of the Boxing Day Tsunami                             and Hurricane Katrina, he has found recognition at last. Brit filmmaker Oliver Hodge’s documentary initially depicts its subject                             as a bit of an ass, but it gradually becomes obvious that Reynolds is a true humanitarian, offering a real alternative to modern living.


As always, FREE!  The Program Starts at 6:30 & seating begins at 6:15 at the Ossining Library’s Magnificent Budarz Theatre .  Following the Screening, join us for Conversation!


Tom Bregman


Tom was the first employee and director of Energize NY in 2010.

He currently directs the Energize NY Residential program  and manages the company’s product development and member services efforts.

A long time resident of the Hudson Valley, Tom comes to Energize NY with over two decades of experience in corporate marketing, technology and campaigns.  He previously worked for a DC based political data firm that played a key role in 2008 elections.

Closer to home Tom created a community organization that helped to preserve a 200 acre farm in the Hudson Highlands and re-developed a 19th century mixed-use building to high energy efficiency standards.

Tom holds a B.A. in International Relations and M.B.A. in Environmental and Organizational Sustainability.


Brian Cullen

brian cullen bio

Imagine a house that was built using indigenous materials and used the available energy from the sun for heat.                                                            Put together by a single parent with 3 kids, existing on a meager teacher’s salary ($7,600 in ’73 – $63,000 in ’98, you do the math).

Wouldn’t this be my biggest lesson of all, and not to a small crowd of students, but to an energy-starved world.

For sure it was the environment that defeated the dinosaur and opened the door for the mammal;                                                                                   which changed from mouse to lemur to ape to Darwin, who changed everything with his theory.                                                                                     You might say that evolution discovered itself. And for sure it was the times that I lived in that shaped me.

I hate to leave you hanging, if you made it this far, but visit                                                                            for much more on how this dome came to be, and how it attests to both laws of human nature, ecology, and engineering.

Better yet, consider a visit to Tuxedo to experience it yourself.   A circular driveway invites you in.

If your quest is for autonomy, you are on the right track.                                                                                                                                                                 If you desire to perfect the environment come hither, the dome is a beacon for the future.

“If you’ve seen the movie Instinct with Anthony Hopkins, dominion ends at the dome, there are no takers here.                                                              I built this dome for you!” ~ Brian Cullen


James Hartford

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8 thoughts on “Garbage Warrior

  1. I qualified as a NYSTAR Builder in 1994 for a Timber Framed/SIP residence we built in Putnam Valley/Phillipstown. I’d like to attend this screening, and the discussion with the excellent panelists. I don’t see the date and time. Pls LMK.
    Steve Miller
    Waccabuc NY

    1. Hi Steve. The Screening starts 6:30… (Theatre opens at 6:15) there’s a cafe on ground level with theatre to facilitate getting “set” before the screening. YEs, and it’ll be a great evening with super-approachable and creative panelists. Am sure too that we’ll all benefit from your experience, so bring cards/brochures.

      Best, andrea

  2. Not sure what the reference to Citizen Mama is, but out homepage has time and place for the upcoming event (so far always at the Issining Public Library, always at 6:30; always FREE.) Only the day, topic and faces change 🙂 and then you check upcoming films and previous events … or whatever else. hope you’ll join us if not this week, in August for Garbage Warrior. ~ andrea OssiningDocumentaries.ORg

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