91% A Film About Guns

Join us on Thursday, November 21 at 6:30pm at the Ossining Public Library for our next screening and discussion. The next film in our program is 91%.


View the trailer for 91%

Learn about our screening panelists:

MaryEllencroppedMaryellen Novak
Gays Against Guns

Maryellen Novak is an organizer for Gays Against Guns, and Rise and Resist. Since November 2016, Maryellen has developed and produced actions such as the No War | Yes Peace march, Blow Your Whistles march, Thank You [CNN, pro-GVP Senators, etc.] events, and pro-immigrants’ rights rallies.

She has also participated in several civil disobedience actions throughout NYC and DC to amplify the need for more people to get involved in social justice issues. Maryellen works at Columbia University, earned her MS in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution, and is currently pursuing another MS degree this time in Strategic Communication.



Katherine Schowalter
Group Leader
Westchester Moms Demand Action

Katherine Schowalter is the Westchester Local Group Leader for Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. She has been involved in gun sense advocacy for over 4 years and has held leadership positions in the Westchester Moms Demand Action group for 3 years. Katherine is an experienced publishing executive who worked in that industry for over 30 years. Katherine cares deeply about eradicating gun violence in this country and is proud of her advocacy work for change in American gun laws and culture.


Erin Photo

Erin Fuller Brian
Las Vegas Shooting Survivor
Advisor, Team ENOUGH New York
Co-President, Westchester Brady United Against Gun Violence

On October 1, 2017, Erin’s life was forever changed when gunshots rang out at the country music festival she was attending with her husband, Chris, in Las Vegas. Four months later, after the Parkland shooting in February 2018, Erin became a gun violence prevention activist when she realized she could no longer sit idly by while innocent people are murdered on a daily basis. She started telling her survivor story in hopes of motivating others to join the fight, and joined Brady United Against Gun Violence as the co-President of the Westchester chapter. She speaks at walk-outs, rallies, vigils and marches, and meets with elected officials on the issue of gun safety. Together with motivated young New Yorkers, she founded Team ENOUGH New York, a youth gun safety advocacy organization, to harness the power of the youth voice in NY state, and she serves as the group’s advisor.

Published by Ossining Documentaries

It is our mission to bring our community together to watch, enjoy and engage in conversations about documentaries. We choose documentaries we hope will open our eyes collectively to issues that are important to our lives in Ossining. At these free screenings, we will have a panel of experts available to answer questions and facilitate our discussion. We hope that the issues raised in the documentary will encourage the viewers to ask questions and seek out ways to make a difference in Ossining and in The World. Please check our schedule and mark your calendars for our upcoming screenings. For up to date information about the documentaries we have selected, please “like” us on Facebook!

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